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A Digital, Haiku-Like Poem

Here’s an almost-haiku I’d scrawled down some months ago, found in a journal recently, cleaned up a bit, and played with in Adobe Premiere. Without further adieu (which comes after the YouTube clip):

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English is a mo…

English is a mongrel of a language. It began life as a hard-nosed Germanic dialect, was over run by French-speaking Normans, had a thing for Latin and Greek borrowings, collected whatever linguistic crumbs fell out of its sea-faring merchant classes’ coats, picked up house, moved across a few oceans, eavesdropped on the natives, settled down and invited its poor European and Eastern cousins to live with it, and then learned how to use a computer. You can’t expect a language that’s been that well-traveled to be “regular.” ~ Kory Stamper, Associate Editor at Merriam-Webster

A great quotation about the English language.