A Digital, Haiku-Like Poem

Here’s an almost-haiku I’d scrawled down some months ago, found in a journal recently, cleaned up a bit, and played with in Adobe Premiere. Without further adieu (which comes after the YouTube clip):

About the Poem

I’m not really sure if I “should” talk about what inspired the poem, but if you care to know: There was a time in my life where, in some stage of grief after I left a partner, I later realized I kept people at bay with my messy apartment. I ensured it was a disaster so that only I could find it barley habitable, when in fact I was projecting myself onto my living space: I could barely inhabit myself. Sad, but then there’s art, which takes us higher.

What Is Digital Poetry?

The term “digital poetry” is defined as “a form of electronic literature, displaying a wide range of approaches to poetry, with a prominent and crucial use of computers.” This vague definition feels like a court ruling that every judge would have a different interpretation of. Digital poems I’ve come across often have a level of interactiveness, through coding for instance, which this poem lacks given its locked textual cinematography (wow, I must miss academia the way I’m typing here). In my experience with this, it was exciting to see how new word and letter arrangements, and transition effects like a simple cross-dissolve, led to unintended possible meanings that can also grow through the ambiguity of loose syntax. I could also punctuate the poem’s pace (sans punctuation) the way I might want to do while reading live. Except, in this case, I don’t have to worry about slipping into “poet’s voice,” or worry about polite clapping.

Have you experimented with digital or visual poetry? Share, and link to your poetry, please.


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