Sonnet for My Neighbor

Joan calls for her who died two days ago.

However foregone & down the dim driveway

of dementia she’s gone, however the glow

of senile hope that lights her putzing way——

——Whatever I say can barely be a song.

That I maybe said hello, so much as waved

on mornings when she’s in my way——the thing

is, when no one’s home, there’s someone to be saved.

And however goes her dream, we watch her

walk it through, unleashed in love to the laws

of memory: down Windfall, down Lander,

‘til the crows concur it’s evening with their caws.

That godforsaken dog was life and line.

Her grief is real. I know it just as mine.



About writingseraph

I write. I share. I test out language here.

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