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English is a mo…

English is a mongrel of a language. It began life as a hard-nosed Germanic dialect, was over run by French-speaking Normans, had a thing for Latin and Greek borrowings, collected whatever linguistic crumbs fell out of its sea-faring merchant classes’ coats, picked up house, moved across a few oceans, eavesdropped on the natives, settled down and invited its poor European and Eastern cousins to live with it, and then learned how to use a computer. You can’t expect a language that’s been that well-traveled to be “regular.” ~ Kory Stamper, Associate Editor at Merriam-Webster

A great quotation about the English language.


Come from Clay

Come from Clay (poem)


They say a man’s home is his castle.
But all I’ve ever wanted was a turret,
some stairs, the sun
cracked in to bask my fortress of skin,
some friends on my horizon
before death sets.
No more do I need to own anything
than the river I run with,
where I scoop my thirst
and pass on to another
possessionless place.
So why do I slather on bricks
with windows so thick no arrows can come,
and no light as well?
What army comes to menace
but the grief I’ve built for thirty years,
that lives inside these walls?
(c) Timothy Tiernan, Dec. 31, 2013