The Power of Vulnerability

I had to share this video of Brene Brown delivering one of the most powerful talks I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing. After watching this, I passed it to two other friends, with whom I had some profound discussions about vulnerability, its power, and the ways that we run from that source/power.

For myself, I’ve run away from this source in every possible way, and in my private life, what I run from most is writing and meditation – two practices that require one to look at things just as they are, get curious with the suffering, let it percolate to the surface of consciousness, and watch it take place, or take flight, safely on the page or in the mind. Funny that I run from a blank Word doc or the murky mind where life is simulated and rehearsed. Pause just a little bit and watch “it” for what it is, and I can experience freedom. Type it out, breathe with it, and in this way let it go.

How many of our issues could be lessened, eliminated, or given a fresh new angle if we just allowed them to arise “just as they are” without the narrative and thus judgment?

Another reason to write: to explore vulnerability, to ask questions of endless narratives (the poorest writing has all the answers), and in that exploration link with another’s loneliness, and maybe solve that for a bit, or laugh at it. I’d say it’s all worthwhile, exploring the places that scare us (to borrow from Pema Chodron).

Now, to that TED Talk!


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